Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The story of BABS

Even though we have a few things on the screened porch we've decided to wait to "decorate/furnish" the porch since it the middle of winter.  It will be something to look forward to doing in the spring! However, we have had a few fires in the fireplace and that has called for a fireplace screen.  

I'd like to introduce you to BABS.  She has been patiently waiting in the basement for her chance to come out and shine (literally... she's very shiny!).  I expect that several of my friends from Atlanta will laugh as they read this because BABS has a story to tell and they might very well have been a part of that story.

In our old house in Atlanta we had a large fireplace, and when I went looking for a screen I came across this brass one with bows.  It is well established that I have a love for all bows and I was immediately smitten with this screen.  However, I was worried that it was going to be "too much."  Bryce laughed when he saw it, and he quickly named it BABS, short for "big a** bows."

I vividly remember friends (Kelly!) and family coming over and we would all sit and stare at the screen trying to decide what we thought of it!  This screen has provided a lot of laughs!  Ultimately, I decided that anything that made me smile every single time I looked at it was a keeper.  I'm very attached to her!

When I first put her out on the porch, I thought that she was too fancy, shiny and brassy for the area.  But she has worked her magic on me once again and I've already grown accustomed to her new spot!


  1. The photos bring recollections of your last home and such special times spent with you all there. BABs works her magic in the new location well. It's good she'll keep you smiling.

  2. This is an awesome story! I couldn't help but smile too! I wasn't there to share in the original story...but I feel like I was..now that you have clued me in! :)
    Super fun!

  3. Ahhh BABS...good to see you again old friend!

  4. I LOVE BABS! Cute story too. And, I am totally with you on the bows thing. ;)

  5. Ahhh...good times! I specifically remember sitting right in front of BABS with Cindy.
    I am glad she has a new home and will keep your porch warm and cozy...and she will always make you smile!


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