Monday, January 2, 2012

The Screened In Porch

 I'm so excited to share photos of the screened in porch, it's finally done (here is the before)!  We were disappointed that it didn't get done in time to enjoy this fall, but at least it will be ready to go as soon as spring hits!

When planning the porch I was concerned that it would look like an afterthought or an insubstantial addition to the house.  I wanted it to look hefty and solid- like an extension of our home.  The carpenter who worked on the molding was able to achieve this with the woodwork and I'm very pleased.

The fireplace is my favorite thing.  It turned out to be such a focal point on the porch.  The stonework that the mason did far exceeded our expectations.

The floor is mahogany.  Apparently, it can take a beating and still look good!

The ceiling is white beadboard.

We are so excited that it is done and look forward to lots of time spent in the semi-outdoors!


  1. I might be just a tad jealous....
    It's stunning!! Enjoy!

  2. Wow that is GORGEOUS! Beautiful to the last detail, I can't wait to see it decorated!

  3. Well done! The details are wonderful. Can't wait to see it furnished. Oh, and the bathroom too!

  4. We appreciate the great photos. My favorite thing is the siding. I really like it a lot! You surely have made lovely choices for upgrading your home.

  5. This is gorgeous!
    You are going to make some amazing memories there! :)


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