Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Master Bathroom

Are you ready for picture overload?  Words cannot express how very much we are enjoying the bathroom.  It is such a peaceful, pretty place that we all find ourselves hanging out in it!  The heated floors help out with that too.  

The tub is one of my favorite things.  It is definitely the main focus in the room, and I've already enjoyed a number of sublime baths.  

With the exception of the tub, everything is lined up on either side of the bathroom.  We each have a vanity on opposite walls.  Bryce's vanity is kitchen cabinet height and mine is regular bathroom vanity height.  The countertops are  marble and our vanities are the same except that mine has the bow added on.  Oh, how I love the bow!

As you walk into the bathroom there is a small "dressing room" type area.  We continued the carpet from our bedroom into this area to give it a little bit of distinction from the rest of the bathroom.  The makeup vanity that Bryce gave me fits perfectly here!  Across from the vanity is a small closet.  I added beveled mirrors to the doors, which I love and is hugely convenient.  

Each of our vanities has a small shelf built in next to it.  I keep playing around with the objects on the shelves.

I found the strawberry cage chandelier on ebay.  I'm completely smitten with the scones above our vanities because I love that their shades look like regular pleated shades even though they are ceramic.  Isn't that clever?  We also have a schoolhouse light above the toilet.

Thanks for being patient with this many pictures of our bathroom.  I just couldn't seem to pare them down. The bathroom has also become the favorite hangout spot for Lily and Coco!


  1. Lovely space. Lovely photos. Not too many at all.
    How else would we keep up?

  2. Great Job! The detail nake the room {of course}!

  3. Love the tub and that blue ottoman. How wonderful to have all those vanity spaces - it must be so much fun to get ready for the day!

  4. Absolutely amazing!!!! Every detail accounted for!!!!

  5. Sooooo dreamy! Just perfect in every way shape and form. I would never leave my house if I had a slice of heaven like that!! And the match sticks match the froggie??? Love'!

  6. Love love love that bathtub! It is amazing! It all looks so beautiful.

  7. Are you kidding me?! Your bath turned out GORGEOUS! The tub is amazing, but my favorite is that chandelier. wow!

  8. Hi Anna ! I just came across your lovely master bath. Could you give me the details on your tub and bath faucet ? They're just what I'm looking for :) Thanks !!


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