Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Great Day

We had a lovely weekend.  How about you?  Friday evening we went to dinner with friends and had great food and even better company, Saturday evening I had dinner with girlfriends and today we took the children on a little adventure!

The weather was just right to go ice skating!  Everyone was a little shaky when we first got on the ice but soon started to get the hang of it.  Thank goodness Harris is already close to the ground!

After we were done skating, we took a quick walk over the bridge to The Franklin Fountain.  This place is like stepping back in time.  I LOVED it!  I was planning on getting a hot chocolate, but was lured by the roasted marshmallow hot milk shake.  They literally set the marshmallow on fire!

After we left to walk back to the car, we passed an amazing little candy shop and had to stop in.  Bryce left with a piece of chocolate covered bacon and the children got little candied fruit slices.

In Harris' words, "This has been a great day."


  1. A great day indeed! Our high point was our Denver Broncos snatching victory from defeat. Aren't we all so blessed.

  2. Oh that does sound perfect, the ice skating, ice cream parlor and candy store made me think of Norman Rockwell! Wonderful Winter days!

  3. This looks like best time ever! I love every minute of it!
    That looks like winter wonderland...perfect family...perfect setting...perfect activities!

  4. It does indeed sound like a great day!


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