Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Costumes 2010

Here are the children's costumes for this year! They both chose to be book characters, Mr. Willy Wonka and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Once again, I think my Mom did a fantastic job and I am ever so grateful for her hard work!

Every year we take the children to The Picture People to get a picture with them in their costumes. It's an inexpensive and easy (Halloween night is too difficult to get a great picture!) way to document the costumes through the years. I have a Halloween picture album that sits under the Halloween tree.

Early in the summer we read the novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. The book really struck a chord with Harris and he spent all summer working in his "chocolate factory" in the back yard. When Kathleen was here she suggested to Harris that he be Willy Wonka and he never looked back! He absolutely adores his costume!

I love the photos of the children in their costumes, but my favorite portrait may just be Harris' self portrait as Willy Wonka. I love that he even included his tails swinging out from his coat!


  1. What a quick turn-around! That IS a great self-portrait. In the last photo of Harris - is he levitating?! Both the costumes and the children are amazing. Such a wonderful time/age. Kudos to the seamstress.

  2. How absolutely wonderful! Your children look so adorable and I am amazed by their fantastic costumes - your Mom is very talented. I think it's great you get photos taken, what a beautiful momento of such a fun holiday. I just love the way you consider every little detail for special occasions, a halloween photo album is a great idea!

  3. These are great! Love your blog,

  4. So amazing! I love their costumes!!!!


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