Friday, October 22, 2010

Apple Cider

I'm so happy that fall is here. To celebrate the chill in the air I've been making batches of my favorite apple cider. It's scrumptious and delicious and I thought I would share it with you! It is a recipe from Susan Branch (love her!) and this is the perfect time of year to make it.

To take the whole experience to the next level, enjoying sipping your cider with a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. Heaven!


  1. I LOVE Susan Branch too. I have her "Fall" book and recently made her ginger crisp cookies- They are delish. :)

  2. NO JOKE--- I was just looking at her christmas book last night (I think it had this recipe)! I felt like I was cheating because I try to wait until after Thanksgiving before I move onto Christmas... but I couldn't resist. She really captures the beauty and joy of the holidays!!!!


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