Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gluton and Corn Free

Last week we had a follow up appointment for Harris concerning his EE. After the food impaction a few weeks ago, where they had to go in and physically remove the lodged food, there is a bit more urgency to figuring out the foods that are causing the problems. Therefore, our doctor recommended that we take wheat and corn out of his diet altogether.

I'm going to be honest in that I have been absolutely dreading this moment. Selfishly, I don't want to change the way I cook, shop and eat. And I don't want him to not be able to participate in snack at school, lunch at friends' and fun treats for special occasions. Of course, Harris's health comes first and we will do what we must to ensure that he is healthy. And thus we begin.

I took some time yesterday and perused the Whole Foods and Trader Joe's aisles. I'm sure that it will take time to figure out our favorite brands and products. We've managed for two days and it has gone smoothly and drama free (the drama would be from me not Harris!). I'm sort of pinning a lot of hopes on this gluten free flour that has gotten rave reviews. According to the package you can just substitute it for regular all purpose flour. Here's to hoping!

I have to say a word about Harris and his unbelievable attitude. He has been so positive and upbeat when at the hospital, explaining that he has to change the way he eats and taking his medication. I could not have asked for my little boy to be able to handle this with more bravery and determination. I wish I could handle it as well.

What about you? Do you have any product recommendations? Cookbooks? Websites? I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you in advance.


  1. We have recently changed the way we are eating as well, not because of a problem per se, but for overall health. One website I have found EXTREMELY helpful as we are getting used to our new ways is sparkrecipes.com. You can simply type in Gluten Free and it will pull up a million ways to bake cookies etc without flour. I have a flourless choc chip cookie recipe on my blog that I got from there that is honestly better than regular choc chip cookies if you can believe it. They have recipes that substitute chick peas for flour etc. Pretty wonderful!
    On a side note if you are looking for an interesting documentary about food and health I recommend watching The Gerson Miracle. It is very interesting and pretty moving.

    Best of luck. Hope your little man is well.

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  3. Hello, i'm Susana from Portugal !!! I just love your Blog.
    I also have 2 childs like you, a 5 years old girl and one yaer old boy .
    Best regards for you and your family!!!

  4. Hoping your sweet boy is feeling better.
    There are so many wonderful blogs and websites that can hopefully make this transition a bit easier. Here are a few:
    http://blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/ - this site just last week did a weeks worth of allergy/gluten free recipes.

    Hope this helps. Carrie

  5. I just came across this blog and thought it would be helpful to you
    I believe that all of her recipes are gluton free.
    Good luck!

  6. This is quite the challenge. I will check out the recommended web sites in hopes that I can still send a 'care' package now and then. We are pulling for you.

  7. it's all greek to me. . . . .

    Just kidding. . .I have many guests come for dinner that are on gluten free diets. I know it's not everyday for me but I find it is not super hard. Just think about separating meat and dairy. Like REALLY separate. I am not sure if we have ever spoken about this but I basically have two kitchens. A whole set of dishes and pots for meat and a whole set for dairy. Then there are about 500 rules about how to cook and keep everything clean properly. All pizza is always veggie, all burgers are NEVER cheese burgers. . . Once you are committed, it really doesn't take much effort. . .it becomes normal.

  8. Oh DARN! I hate when my kids are not well! It is so hard to have to change the way you eat! There are so many fantastic options out there now! I hope you are able to quickly figure out what works for him and what does not! I hope he feels better soon!

  9. Thank you everyone for your concern, suggestions and encouragement! I appreciate it so very much!

  10. I don't know about gluten free, but when we found out my son had a serious peanut/tree nut allergy, it totally changed the way we shop/cook/eat. At first, it took me hours to go through the market and read every label of every food and eventually we just started buying less and less processed foods altogether. I've also pretty much memorized which foods are nut-free (though you still have to check in case they change their manufacturing process). We threw/gave away SO much food - everything that contained or was processed with nuts (you'd be surprised). We stopped eating out for almost a year because we weren't sure how to protect him when other people were cooking his food. I felt sad and worried about how he'd deal with eating at school, school treats, birthday parties, eating out, going to friend's houses, etc. etc. Not to mention the burden of having to carry around emergency medicine 24/7 for the rest of his life. I still worry about some of those things...especially since he has yet to start "real" school (he'll be in kindergarten next year), but mostly, we're all used to it now. It's almost...not a big deal anymore. It just is.

    It's hard to make all these changes, but soon it'll just become the new "normal." It helps some, I think, that most health food markets have gluten-free sections now (I know Sprouts does and Trader Joe's specially marks their gluten-free products).

  11. What an ATTITUDE! we can all learn so much from your little guy!!! I hope your transition to this new food lifestyle goes smoothly!!!

  12. We have been gluten free around these parts for almost a year now. I was so overwhelmed when we first changed our diet. It does get much easier. We eat a lot of rice. We have perfected rice. We make what we call "chipotle" rice. We add lime and cilantro. Yum. My 3 year olds love it. The Udi's brand of bread is the best. It comes frozen and we defrost a few slices at a time. We do our daughters sandwiches and toast on the GF Udi's bread and we eat the regular stuff. Of course, homemade is better but well, in our house that just isn't realistic. The hardest part is eating out. I have lots of other tips as a newbie to a GF girl, feel free to contact me at julieallaway at hotmail.com . Good luck.

  13. Oh, Anna. I am so sorry that Harris is having complications with his EE. I know this must be really difficult for you guys. I know there are huge catalogs out there with all sorts of allergy free foods. I looked at one that I feel was named something like Mother Earth's foood ???? I did just go on line and look and couldn't find it but it was a 40 page catolog full of foods that were gluten and dairy free. I hope you guys can find many delicous foods that you can cook ( and beatifuly present) and that Harris will enjoy.


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