Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Tree

Yesterday was a chilly, wet day so the children and I had some warm cider and decorated our house for Halloween. Our Halloween Tree continues to be a special favorite. I know I have posted before about the ornaments, but I don't think that I have shared the tree in its entirety! I love how the ornaments are really starting to fill up the tree (even if that does mean the children are getting older!).


  1. I love the Halloween tree...that is a great tradition!

  2. I'm with Sherri--- such a fun fall tradition! :):)

  3. Once again, my clever friend (your Mom!)has done an amazing job on the costumes! Are you saving all of them for their children to enjoy somewhere down the road? Grace looks like she could BE the character--those were Kelly's favorite books as a girl. And I love the one of Harris by himself--he looks magical! We are busily decorating our cabin for our annual Halloween extravaganza! Enjoy the season...


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