Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pasta x-rays

(click on picture to see up close)

Yesterday, the children and I made such a fun craft! The idea came from an old Martha Stewart Kids and was a great way to discuss the skeletal system (which Grace is about to study in school) and was perfect for the season of Halloween!

We begin by reading You Can't See Your Bones with Binoculars by Harriet Ziefert. Then using the book and the page from Martha Kids we started constructing our skeletons. It was helpful to have lots of different types of pasta (fortunately the pasta was on sale $5 for 5) and next time I might use heavier weight construction paper. Using alphabet pasta we spelled out (this was great for Harris who is just learning his alphabet!) the names of the bones. They look fantastic displayed on our bulletin board!


  1. What a cute craft and a perfect Halloween decoration!!


  2. This is a GREAT idea! Educational and season appropriate! I'll definitely be borrowing this idea--thanks for sharing!

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