Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Costumes... through the years

Over the weekend we began decorating our home for Halloween. That means we pulled out and decorated the Halloween tree! Oh, how I love the miniature costumes. Almost as much as I love the children's actual costumes. You see I love our Halloween costumes more than a person is supposed to love Halloween costumes. My Mom has lovingly made each one for the children and they are really special to them and me. I really appreciate the many hours that she has toiled stitching, measuring and creating!

This was Grace's first ever costume and our first Halloween as parents. She looked so adorable and Mom made beautiful butterfly wings for me as well. If I recall I made my Mom and sister come to our Halloween dinner dressed up. They were awfully good sports about it!

This strawberry costume was so cute but a bear to make. After Mom made the body of the strawberry I had to stitch on each individual "seed."

The chicken is probably my favorite costume yet. Love it.

This year we had just made the big move and my Mom made the costume long distance! Fortunately, she was able to bring them up herself.

For sentimental reasons the princess and the frog were also my favorite costumes.

This was the year of Grace's mouse obsession.

Last year's woodland creatures.


  1. The strawberry and seahorse are my favorites! Can't wait to see you all soon!

  2. I have always loved your Halloween costumes and been very envious of the darling ornaments!!



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