Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Costumes 2009

My Mom has been toiling away all week on the children's costumes. They are finished and they look fantastic! The children just love them. Grace is a witch (a good one) and Harris is a wizard.

It's hard to see the details from the pictures but Grace's cape has spider webs on it with purple sparkles. Her dress is simple but so cute and exactly what she wanted. She had very specific ideas this year so my Mom sort of made up the patterns as she went along. Pretty good huh?

My Mom lined Harris' robe with purple velvet and also made pants for him to wear. We used silver hairspray in his hair to try to match the beard. I doubt the beard will make it on Halloween night but we will see.

The children did not base their costumes on any specific witches and wizards but as many of you know I happen to be fond of some very specific witches and wizards so these costumes make me very happy- if a bit nostalgic for Harry Potter.


  1. Your Mom did it again--what great costumes! I was hoping you would post pictures, since I knew she was working on them. She is amazing with her talent to just come up with whatever ideas she needs to make everyone happy! I know you realize how blessed you are to have her--my poor Grandchildren always had to have bought costumes, since I can't do anything but hem! Can't wait to see the actual Halloween night pictures!!

  2. We've been anticipating these photos for over a month. How excellent to see and enjoy them at last! Hats off to Jerry. (excuse the pun) Hope she enjoyed making them as much as the children obviously enjoy wearing them.
    Also love the BOO pumpkins.
    Happy Halloween

  3. Those are great! I'm enjoying all of the Halloween posts on your're very crafty!


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