Friday, August 28, 2009

List for next vacation

Tomorrow we leave Vermont to travel home! We have truly had a wonderful time here at the Trapp Family Lodge and look forward to the next time we visit. As I'm sitting here by the fire I've been thinking of what I would want to remember to bring next time we visit. This post is really to jog my memory the next time I'm getting ready for a vacation and I'm having a tough time figuring out what to pack or bring or do.

What to not forget on our next adventure...

1. Bring clothes that are more casual. I brought cute, summery dresses and such and have worn them...0 times! I needed more jeans and t-shirts! This is outdoorsy and flip-flops don't cut it either so...
2. Bring better hiking shoes! Thankfully, I did bring sneakers.
3. Bring a flashlight.
4. Bring a picnic blanket.
5. Bring a chefs knife and the veggie steamer. All the kitchen has are serrated knives and it's rather difficult to cut carrots! Also, a steamer would help us to not overdose on raw carrots.
6. Bring water shoes. Not crocs but real, honest to goodness water shoes. It's hard to frolic in creeks and streams with bare feet.
7. Bring more layers... for me. Somehow I managed to bring warm fleeces and jackets for the children but all I have is a white knit sweater. Also, don't bring white.
8. Bring more socks than seems reasonable. Same goes for pajamas.
9. Remember to bring the children's wellies. We did bring them and they have been worn countless times (I would just hate to forget them again).
10. Bring our bikes and don't forget the helmets.
11. Remember to have hair highlighted. Many, many pictures will be taken and it would be a shame to have 2 inch roots in each and every picture (I'm just sayin).


  1. Love the last one onthe list. Last weekend, I was trying to photoshop some pictures from the boys' birthday!

  2. Great list! I of course love the nod to Susan Branch in the picture...just thinking today that I was ready for a new book from her!!

    Can't wait to hear "a few of your favorite things" from this trip!


  3. Our rainboots! (short for wellingtons)


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