Thursday, August 20, 2009

In bloom and one doomed

Here are just a few of the flowers that have been in bloom the past few weeks in the children's garden...

A reality check...

Our butterfly bush is in very poor health. I recently read that they don't like wet feet which could explain a lot. We have had a ton of rain all summer and the ground just can't dry out.


  1. Absolutely lovely! What a wonderful experience for your children :) I am envious of your sunflowers... a sweet little bunny came along and ate ours :(

  2. Did you notice that the close-up of the sunflower looks like an eye with a tear coming from it? My prettiest (and becoming my favorite) flowers in my garde are zinnias--they do take lots of sun but they bloom continuously all summer and make great "cutting" flowers. They also look and do great in pots on patios or decks and come in almost any color. Someone gave me a pot about two years ago and I have enjoyed planting them each year. Try some next year! Enjoying your blog--I check it about twice a week. One of my favorite blogs is McMama--writes about her MSC (many small children) and her story about her baby boy, Stellan. She is a photographer, former teacher, and has appeared on tv several times. Check it out--I love the reality of it--she talks about realities as well as pleasantries of her life and marriage. Very entertaining and thought-provoking. Just type in "Stellan's Story" and it will probably come up--can't remember the official blog name. Thanks for sharing--I especially love seeing your house & children!! And you have such a wonderful Mother (tell her I said so!!!!)


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