Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kitchen Renovation

I've realized that I never finished posting about our renovation. I've left out one of my favorite rooms in the house - the kitchen! When we first laid eyes on our home it was very clear that if we bought it some major work would have to be done to the kitchen. It was very poorly laid out and had very outdated appliances. It was really awful. In fact, pictures don't even do it justice. As I look at the photos of the old kitchen I don't even think that it looks as bad as it was (and felt!). I'm so grateful that we were able to redo the kitchen. It is certainly the heart of our home and I love it.

The vent for the range was literally a hole in the side of the house. That first winter we put items that we wanted to keep cold on the countertop next to the vent!

Our first night in the house, Bryce went to run the dishwasher only to discover that it had to be hooked up to the sink in order to run. That was our first clue as to the often odd things we would find around the house. The window above the sink looked into the "eat-in" kitchen. At least that is what the realtors called it. It was actually a very small room with a few counters lined up on the wall. It is now our mudroom. The other door led to the bathroom which opened right into the kitchen. Never pleasant really.

When we began planning for our new kitchen we really had a sense of what we wanted. I felt like the house really dictated the style of the kitchen. I wanted a old fashioned kitchen that was modern but classic and felt original.

We took down the wall that seperated the dining room and the old kitchen. We also closed off the bathroom and made the entrance through the mudroom. The windows above the sink were also added.

I was very worried about not having an "eat-in" kitchen but my worries were very unfounded. We eat breakfast and lunch at the island and dinner in the dining room. We used walnut on the island top and marble on the rest of the counters. Almost everyone I spoke to urged me not to get the marble because of it's high maintenance. Bryce seals it every year or so but we haven't had issues with it. I've dropped a can on the edge and it did chip (ok, twice) but I don't mind that too much. I wanted the old "lived-in" look, after all!

The range was a bit of a splurge but we love it!

I have a weakness for chandeliers and knew that I wanted a chandelier in the kitchen. I absolutely adore the chandelier that I found (notice the bows). It's almost exactly the age of our house (105 or so). Historic Houseparts have an amazing selection and it changes all the time.


  1. I am so excited that you showed this. We rae in the midst of our renovation right now. How did you do it with the kids?

  2. Omygoodness what a gorgeous kitchen! It looks like it's out of a magazine

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