Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atlanta trip, Part 2

Sunday evening, Kathleen and Jack hosted a gathering of some friends. I was so glad to spend some time with members of my old book club (I really, really miss you guys!). Brian and Bryan were also able to come. It was great to see Brian and get to know Bryan a bit more. Of course, it was great to see Geoff and Dawn as well (we will get that business going someday Dawn!).

Carrie, Amanda, Amy, Cindy and Patty

Holle, Thor, Geoff, Dawn, Kathleen, Jack, Bryce, Brian, Carrie, Brian and Bryan

On Monday we were able to have lunch with my sister, Delita. We met her downtown at her office but unfortunately we didn't get to spend time with Brendan or Bill.

Delita and me

That evening, I met Baby Club for dinner and chatting. I love spending time with them; you never know what we will discuss! It was looking like it might be an early evening because we ended up standing in the parking lot after dinner. We finally decided to go to Starbucks...except it was closed! We ended up in...wait for it...McDonalds! Hey, whatever works, right?

Candace, Jen, Audra, Amy and Julie

Much of this trip was spent visiting and hanging out with old friends. Every single time we visit Georgia we are reminded what wonderful friends and family we have there. I'm already looking forward to the next time we are able to visit.

P.S. Thank you, Kathleen and Jack, for housing us and letting us borrow your car. We couldn't ask for better friends!


  1. That picture of book club made me smile! Everybody looked just the same.... What a fun must have been exhausted!!


  2. Thanks again for sharing your Georgia activities. We thoroughly enjoy seeing everyone and all the smiles.


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