Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Colors

I've been loving brightly colored things the past few days, maybe it's because I'm starting to get anxious for spring! Here are a few things that I love...

I just stuck these "frames" on the stairwell going up to the attic playroom. They are just stickers that you can peel on and off!

Harris has been interested in learning the alphabet so I got these beautiful felt magnetic letters. I like playing with them even more than he does.

Years ago Bryce got me this Jelly Belly dispenser. I adore Jelly Belly's, my absolute favorite being the pear (seriously they taste even better than pears!). I just filled it up and we chose all fruit flavors...I think that they should count as a serving of fruit!

I found these at Target the other day. I love birthday candles, especially long ones! I think that these would be great for St. Patrick's day, an artistic party, a rainbow cake and about a zillion other fun parties!

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