Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Atlanta trip, Part 1

We are back from our trip to the toasty warm south! We had such a wonderfully great time! When we got to Atlanta on Friday we immediately headed up to the mountains (not before being introduced by Kathleen to some wonderful pork tacos). Kathleen and Jack were generous enough to let us borrow one their cars for the weekend (thank you again!). We were able to go to the rehearsal dinner that evening and were excited to see Alvis and meet Nesha. The next morning we toured the campus of Young Harris College and had lunch (BBQ!) together before meeting friends to go to the wedding.

We were thrilled to have good BBQ-the sweet tea is out of the shot but it's there!

The wedding ceremony and reception were lovely and the bride and groom looked beautiful and happy. While we attended YHC we were fortunate to have made many dear and lifelong friends and we were thrilled to see some of those friends at the wedding. Holle and Thor (two of Bryce's best friends) were there and I was so glad to see Angela (we were best of friends and college roommates!) and her husband, Brian. We were also really glad to visit with Thad, who Christened our children and was Bryce's roommate, and his wife Laura.

Nesha and Alvis

YHC alumni

Holle, Kathleen and Angela

After the reception was over we headed to our dear friends, Brian and Carrie's, Aunt's cabin. Jack and Kathleen were also staying the night and to our delight Holle and Thor joined us. It was so wonderful to have quality time with everyone. The next morning we all went together and had a good old-fashioned country breakfast.

Bella, Tristan, Holle, Thor, Jack, Kathleen, Bryce, Carrie and Brian


  1. What a fun trip and a great weekend to come south!!

    I know you were thrilled to visit with old friends and have some southern BBQ..yum!


  2. I'm so glad that you guys had a great weekend! I am so sorry that I didn't get to see you Sunday night. I trust that Cindy filled you in on where I was. I miss you!

  3. Great to hear/see about your excellent time with special people in Georgia. Woo woo - those are some good lookin' legs ladies!



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