Thursday, February 19, 2009

Travel box

Our trip to Virginia meant that we spent 7 hours in the car...both ways! Bryce and I are not the parents who happily sing camp songs and chatter excitedly with the children the whole way so on our last car trip to Vermont I created a box full of car activities that kept the children busy and entertained for a lot of the trip. I did the same for this trip and it really worked well. Harris got antsy the last hour of the trip coming home, but overall they did really great!

In the box I included drawing pads for both of the children, magnetic scenes, markers and crayons (the triangle kind because they don't roll!), Brainquest, Rubberneckers (this is a favorite), a map of our journey, books, books on tape (thanks Marci!) and lots of magnetic words, letters and pictures.

The most useful piece of equipment for the car trip is the two cookie sheets that the children use to draw on, hold their cards, use their magnets on and to use as a tray if we eat in the car! It is a must have for car trips! What do you use to keep everyone busy in the car?

P.S. They were not in the box but we also had a stash of movies and Curious George episodes, we pulled them out when needed!


  1. Great ideas. I'm taking the boys by myself to SC next week, and I'll have to adapt some of yoour ideas.

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