Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa and Dinner

Last night our community had a Holiday Walk.  The town shuts off Main Street, all of the businesses open and there are games, stories, goodies and performances.  The event is kicked off with Santa arriving in a fire truck and lighting the town tree.  The children had a lot of fun (it was COLD) and got to sit in Santa's lap (I don't have the picture yet).  It's events like last night that make me so glad that we live here.

After the Holiday Walk, Bryce and I went to the home of our dear friends, Sonja and Ryan, for a dinner party.  It was a really great group of people and we had a great time spending the evening with such good friends.  My face actually hurt from laughing so much.  If that is not a sign of a good time I don't know what is!  


  1. You look cold in the picture! Can you believe yo live in a place that can be so COLD!! Remember the days when we would wish for snow!!

    What a fun holiday tradition.

  2. it's very fun to see your every day activies

  3. I am so impressed with all of the neighborhood events you guys have. Looks like fun!


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