Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas Story

Grace recently got an assignment in school to make a scrapbook of sorts about what she celebrates in the month of December.  This is a picture of her last page.  I was really touched that she chose "celebrating Jesus' birth" as her favorite part of Christmas (I promise, there was no prodding from Bryce and I!).  My hope is that we can keep that as the focus of Christmas for the children and ourselves.  It often seems like Christmas has become so consumer driven (I'm certainly guilty) that the reason we celebrate in the first place has become second to the merriment making.  We all love to give and receive gifts, but I hope that we can find the balance between the two.    


  1. Oh My. What a special drawing from such a special granddaughter. Thoughtful words as well at such an appropriate time. We love your sharing. We love you all.

  2. Wow-that leaves me speechless. You guys are instilling in your children a precious appreciation for all that is Good.


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