Saturday, December 20, 2008

Festive Merriment

We had a really fun and festive day today.  We had our good friends, Kristin, Tim, Grace and Matthew over for a Christmas breakfast.  They came dressed in their pajamas and we stayed in ours!  We had gingerbread waffles, candied bacon and a goat cheese egg strata.  We had a lovely time visiting and it felt like a great way to kick off the week of Christmas!  

Kristin and me

Tim and all the children (he's the dad that all the children love because he's just a lot of fun!)

This evening Bryce and I went on a Christmas date.  We've tried to do this every Christmas season.  We do some shopping and then eat dinner together.  Tonight felt really special because it was especially cold and there was snow on the ground.  To top it off, as we came out of the last store to head over to the restaurant, snowflakes started to fall!  

There were so many lights on this tree!

If you look really, really closely you can see a few snowflakes!

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  1. Marvelous to see your enjoyment!!

    We had a few flakes of snow we're happy to tell.
    It looked very cheery, but vanished as it fell.
    The snow on Pikes Peak looks festive, tho.
    Hope we're all in for a great Christmas snow!


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