Monday, October 15, 2018

Around the Farm

Within the past couple of days it has begun to feel a lot more like fall, in fact our boiler even turned on and the radiators started cranking up!  While we've been happy to have a day or two of sunny, beautiful weather, for the most part it has been rainy and cloudy.  Frankly, it's a bummer and it's made the creek really, really swollen at times.  I hate to see the erosion that this causes.

On a happier note, even with all the rain and clouds, the dahlias that we have are incredibly beautiful.   I've been putting them out on the cart but also in our library and many rooms in between.

I'm loving the pinks and oranges together.

We've put some pumpkins out and put our halloween tree up!  Also, the eyeballs are back in the hedges and they are adorable!

 Chewie is attacking everyone... it's a problem.

Rosie and I have been taking walks in our woods.  She's getting so much better off leash (the cheese has helped!).  Also, aren't these trails that Bryce made beautiful?

So I thought raspberries were a summer crop but ours have been cranking out berries.  The garden is actually a bit of a hot mess right now.  It's time for fall cleanup but I've been moving slowly and the rain hasn't helped.


  1. Love the little spider web in the corner of your door! I saw an Airstream for sale at Target yesterday and thought of you!

    1. Thank you! I"ll have to look for the Airstream next time I'm at Target!


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