Friday, October 12, 2018

Harris' Bathroom

When we moved into our house, we started calling Harris' bathroom, the banker's bathroom* because it was all marble, gold hardware and dark wood, with a floral sink thrown in just to mix things up a bit.  There wasn't really anything wrong with its functionality but rather it just wasn't our taste.

We seriously considered a total gut job, again I don't love the green marble, but it just seemed so wasteful and unnecessary.  Plus, we wanted to do this bathroom ourselves and by far the easiest way to go was to just do a cosmetic makeover.

We did have to have a custom cabinet made and Bryce installed it.  We had to go ahead and reproduce that little tiny cabinet to the left because there was no marble behind it!  

We took out all of the gold hardware, gold sconces and the glass shower enclosure and replaced them with chrome hardware and a simple shower curtain.  

I found a place nearby who made a beautiful metal radiator cover for us.

To make the bathroom a little more Harris friendly we covered the walls in this adorable dog wallpaper.  The three painted portraits of our animals are by the super talented Lorna Scobie.

This print is hanging above the toilet.  I figured it was a good message to look at every time one was taking care of business :).

And that's it!  We are super happy with how it turned out, green marble and all!

*no offense intended, we know and love several people who work in finance!

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