Friday, December 16, 2016

Before and After of the TV Room

The previous owner of our home had made one of the bedrooms into a closet/dressing room.  She had lined three of the walls with cedar closets.  We knew right away that we wouldn't keep the room like that as it wasn't our taste and it was incredibly awkward in that you had to walk from the master bedroom down a hall and then down steps to get to the closet.

In the renovation, we took down all of the closets, moved the entry door to the new hallway, took down the giant mirrors and relocated the tiny fireplace doors (the chimney is behind the wall).

Taking down the closets made the room look so much bigger!  We decided not to put a closet back in the room because we thought the nook made a perfect place for a TV.  If we ever sell (never!) we can put the closet back in easily enough.

The TV fits perfectly in the nook and we love the piece of furniture we got on Etsy!

Bryce and I debated and debated about what sort of sofa to get in the TV room.  In the end, we got a sectional that is also a sleeper sofa.  We felt like that gave us the most options with this room.  Fun fact: the delivery guys had to take the sofa apart in order for it to fit in this room!  Fortunately, the frame was screwed together so they did not have to saw through the frame!  So far, we couldn't be happier with it.

My favorite thing in the room is the giant canvas of the children jumping off of Muir Rock in King's Canyon.  Canvas HQ did a great job and was super affordable.

We got a bookcase from IKEA that just fits in between the wall and the sofa.  This is where we are housing a lot of crafting materials and books.

We fit a lot into this space and it's very hard working, but also such a comfy place to spend an evening watching a movie together!


  1. What a great room! Wasn't there a sofa story from the other house? 😂

    1. Oh yes! We put a sofa in the attic by going through the window and the sofa had to stay with the house. We apparently really like to fit sofas in rooms where they don't like to go.

  2. Are all of these rooms upstairs or downstairs?

    1. These rooms are upstairs. There are three bedrooms (on of which is now the tv room) off of the new hallway.


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