Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Shoe Closet

It's surprising, but our old home has lots of storage!  Little closets are tucked around the house, we have a beautiful built in linen closet that we added in the first renovation two summers ago, and we have some pieces of furniture that can be used for storage (our chifforobe holds a ton!).  When we started the bathroom renovation we knew that we would be keeping the two little closets on either side of the fireplace because storage in a bathroom just can't be beat.  The closet on the right is being used for miscellaneous linens and bathroom essentials (think toilet paper) but that meant the one on the left was up for grabs!  Naturally, I felt that a shoe closet was called for.

It's such a luxury to have!  Bryce built and painted the shelves for me and I love how it turned out. The top two shelves are slanted with a cleat for heels and the rest of the shelves are flat.  We made the bottom shelves high so that taller boots could be stored there.  I don't know that it has the same effect in these pictures but my favorite thing is the color of the closet!  It seems super special that it's a color instead of white (the color is the same one we used in the closet and our bedroom)!

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