Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring at the Farm

Spring has finally sprung.  We are outside working in the garden, and the field, planting and planning.  We are already wishing we had done more to prepare for this season, but the renovation just seemed to take up all space and I suppose it's no use lamenting what wasn't done.

The chicks are doing great and we have begun taking them out to their coop (it's in the garden) while we are in the garden working.  We did lose one of the chicks within the first week, I'm guessing he wasn't healthy to start with but it was very sad.

Three of the four lilacs that I planted last year are blooming.  I love looking over and seeing their lovely blooms.

Our rhubarb is growing like crazy this year!  I'm hoping to make a cake with it this week.  Also, the asparagus is almost as tall as I am.  I'm leaving it this year so that it can grow really strong root systems and produce for the next couple of decades, but will look forward to our first harvest next year.

An old, craggy apple tree that last season produced no blooms (that we saw) has exploded in blooms this year.  We can see if from our kitchen window and have so enjoyed it.

The daffodils that I planted when we first moved to the farm were so beautiful this year!

I made a dandelion cake for Marilyn's birthday.

And then there is Rosie, who loves to roll around in the fresh grass and who can often be found making sure every square inch of her body is in contact with the cool grass.

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