Monday, May 21, 2018

A Few Things

Last week was rainy and gray so we are so thankful to see the sunshine!  I don't have a lot blooming right now, the peonies aren't quite ready, but the lilacs that I put in last year finished up their blooming.  I love this one, Yankee Doodle, because of its deep purple blooms.  I think they looked lovely with the snowball viburnum.  The allium that I planted is looking striking too as it bobs its head over the peonie's buds!

The twins are doing well and there seems to be some confusion as Rosie believes she is their Mama and the kittens have gone along with it.

Grace had her spring recital and, as always, we loved seeing her dance.  She's so graceful and lovely up on stage and I'm so proud of her.

The chickens have moved to their coop, even in the abysmal weather last week, and are doing great!  They are so fun to sit and watch. 

I'm planning to take advantage of the good weather and get some dahlia tubers in the ground today (clearly, we stored them incorrectly as we lost a lot to rot over the winter).  Here's hoping spring is well and truly here!

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