Monday, December 5, 2016

Crafting/Wrapping Station

 Grace and I both love to make stuff.  I don't do very complicated crafting, but I certainly like to have my craft and wrapping things organized and accessible.  In our last house, I had a behind the door wrapping/crafting station that was very useful and I knew that I wanted something similar here at Frog's Hollow.

We converted one of the bedrooms to a TV room (pictures to come) and it made sense to put the crafting stuff here.  Using Oh Happy Day's amazing crafting board as inspiration, we created a peg board for a blank wall in the room and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

I love that not only is it extremely functional, but it adds lots of fun color to the room!

My crafting table, the top is self healing, is from the now defunct Martha By Mail catalogue (oh, how I miss it).  I love how it is super skinny but by simply popping out both of the ends it becomes a long table!  More often than not, I simply pull out one side to craft.  

I also put a light in the room that could be swung around and used for crafting.

Al and Bryce made the simple frame around the peg board.  I think it makes the whole thing look finished.  Al also made the shelves for me which, I think, are what make the whole thing super functional. 


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