Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A New Home for the Airstream

The very first time I saw the barn, I knew that it was meant to hold our Airstream!  It literally had the perfect spot in which to park her while still leaving a big open space of barn.  The only problem was that the header of the doors on that side were not high enough to allow the Airstream in.



Fortunately, we have a company in our area that specializes in taking down and reassembling old barns.  When I contacted them about who I might call to work on our barn doors, they offered up their services.  The two men who ended up working on the barn really knew their stuff and did a beautiful job with making new doors to match the barn; they were true craftsman.  They were even able to use old, reclaimed pintel hinges to match the existing ones on the other doors.

This is the back barn door soon after the new doors were put on.  While the stain, we believe, is an exact match, the wood is new and hasn't weathered yet so it looks vastly different.  This really concerned me but after weathering for a summer, it is already much less noticeable as you can see in the "after" picture above.

The doors are huge!

We put crushed stone down on the floor so that the Airstream wasn't sitting on bare dirt.  It had the added benefit of looking nice too!

P.S.  Now we need barn cats so the mice don't try to eat through the electrical wires of the Airstream!

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