Friday, September 23, 2016

The Barn

You guys, the house is an absolute mess.  There are boxes everywhere, and I don't want to unpack everything if we just are going to pack again when we do the kitchen renovation (I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of kitchen stuff!).  We have a long way to go to making this house what we envision but I wake up every single morning so grateful to call this place home.  I also wake up everything morning with a view of the barn at Frog's Hollow and it makes me smile every single time.


The barn is not close to the house but rather a fair distance away.  Funny story, one of the architects we had come look at the house actually suggested we move the barn closer to the house!   I love the view of the barn from the back of the house and wouldn't dream of trying to move it (much less pay for it!).

There are a few things that we did to gussy up the barn, including making it ready for the Airstream, that I want to share.  In addition to simply cleaning it up inside, we made a pea gravel area outside the barn, ran full electricity to the barn and added a barn light.

I think every barn should have a barn light and I love this one that we got from Barn Light Electric.

We also found a big slab of stone on our property and moved it to the threshold of the barn door.  I love how it looks.

The pea gravel area makes the barn look a little more finished and tidy.  We had a barn party a couple of weeks after we got back and this gravel area was wonderful since it kept us out of the dirt/grass and was the perfect place to set up some tables.

Bryce also ran strings of light over the area!

For now the barn is all settled and nothing else needs to be done immediately (except the roof come to think of it) but I already have my eyes set on the loft.  Oh, the possibilities!

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