Monday, September 26, 2016

A Farm Lane

The last thing we have done in regards to the barn is put in a farm lane.  When we bought the house there was a partial lane in the form of crumbling asphalt.  Knowing that we wanted to put the Airstream back in the barn, we knew that whatever we installed had to be very functional, but I also wanted it to be charming and beautiful.


I've always loved the look of dirt roads with grass in between and after some going back and forth we decided to go with pea gravel and grass.  A dirt road would get too rutted with any rain we got and would not be conducive to walking out to the barn.

The road was installed with a base layer of recycled concrete that was tamped down and the pea gravel was installed on top of that.

We installed the road right before we left and therefore couldn't really spend any time babying the new grass this summer, therefore it's mostly crabgrass with some grass sprinkled in!  This fall we will reseed and try again.  Hey, at least it's green!


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