Friday, April 8, 2016


Years ago, before children and while we lived in our sweet first home, Bryce gave me a Tiffany's valet key chain for Christmas.  I suspect that he wanted to give me something in that iconic blue box and the keychain was the only thing that we could come close to affording!  Fast forward to a summer day almost 20 years later and I lose my keys.  Of course, I assumed that they would turn up quickly but they didn't.  In fact, months and months went by with no sign of my keys.  Honestly, I wasn't too fussed about the keys, or even my car keys, but I was very sad to lose that key chain that I've been carrying around for so many years.

I investigated buying a new one but dismissed it pretty quickly due to the cost, and so I had all but given up...until last week, when at my doorstep, my keys showed up!  We were having work done in our lawn and the gentleman doing the work found my keys!  I can only assume that I got out of my car and, instead of going inside, I started puttering around the garden and left my keys in a completely inappropriate place!

Of course, the keys were pretty much ruined by the elements, but not my keychain!  It's in perfect working order and I love having it back!


  1. Its good to read that you finally had found your precious keychain after some time. I have also lost few of my valueable stuff, I hope that i will find them all one day


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