Wednesday, April 6, 2016


New posts or information about Frog's Hollow has been in short supply on this blog and that is because lots of unglamorous and unromantic work is going on behind the scenes.  One thing that is very important to us is that we take the time to get the bones of any projects that we do right.  As you know, any time a project is started it snowballs and one thing leads to another!  Here's a run down of what is happening at the Hollow....

*A new septic is being installed.  I was not prepared for the devastation that is happening to the land.

*A new driveway is being discussed.  There is a significant bump into the driveway and we are afraid that the Airstream's hitch would get hung up coming or going.  So this has to be leveled out.  Of course, that entails taking out a tree or two and figuring out what materials to use, keeping construction vehicles in mind.

*The barn doors need to be raised so that the Airstream can get cozy inside.

*We are talking to lots of professionals about whether to switch our boiler from oil to natural gas.  Everyone has opinion and everyone's is different.  Also?  Why is it so hard to get someone that really in truly knows their stuff?

*We are working with an architect to figure out where to add a mudroom (doesn't every farm need a mudroom), adding a hallway upstairs, and redoing the kitchen.  We also need to add a garage and this will change the driveway approach, which also means we are talking to and working with a landscape architect!

*We added a small washer and dryer to the guest cottage and this turned from a simple project into a complete mess.  Truly, we took a sweet and "done" cottage and tore it apart.  It's still not done, will post pictures when it is.

All that being said, I still cannot wait to move in (we can't move in till the septic is done).  I love this place more and more every day.

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  1. Wow. What an undertaking! I am sure each and every bit of the work will be well worth it. Cannot wait to see it all.


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