Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cross Country

(a portion of the trip)

For years and years, long before we even got the Airstream, we have dreamed and planned on taking a cross country trip with the children.  Finally, this is the year!

It's not ideal timing with having just purchased Frog's Hollow, selling our home and moving, but after some deliberation we decided that with high school and middle school starting there may never be an ideal time.  We are leaving the day after school gets out for Harris and will be gone for 9 weeks.

During our trip, we will visit 20 National Parks and dozens of states.  Our itinerary is very aggressive, and I'm not exactly sure when we will fit in laundry and grocery shopping, and we very well might discover that we cannot keep up such a pace, but we can adjust if need be since we will have our house with us!  Ideally, we could just wander around and pull in to a National Park at our leisure but, unfortunately, the parks fill up very, very quickly and that leaves very little room for spontaneity. Also, one would think that 9 weeks is a very long time, and it is, but this beautiful country of our is big and we've found we could easily spend another month on this trip!

It's hard to think of giving up our vegetable and flower gardens, pool time with friends, summer camps, etc. but I really think that this is a trip of a lifetime and will make a lasting impression on us as a family and on the children.  We can't wait to explore and adventure this summer!


  1. Wow! That is going to be something you will all remember forever! Can't wait to hear about it. Also, you seriously need to hit up the western part of Colorado someday, it is a completely different world from the east. Rocky and mountainous. I hope you have a great trip!

    1. We are going to a bit of the western (southern) part of Colorado, which I'll look forward to exploring!

  2. Make sure you buy a National Park Pass for $80. Then all your park admissions are free! It saves us a lot of money each year!

    My first thought was "wow" on the timing but it will be an amazing family adventure! We did a similar trip in 2011 and loved it so much we now travel full time! Enjoy!!

  3. That is going to be an epic trip, and one you will all remember forever! That is wonderful that you can do this.


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