Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Still Blogging...

You guys, last week marked my 8th year blogging!  Keeping up with this blog and documenting our days has been something that I've consistently enjoyed over these 8 years.  When I look back over the blog, I'm astounded by how much has changed and how much has stayed the same.  This blog has changed a lot simply because my children have gotten older.  I've changed too.

I don't read that many blogs anymore and I wonder if others are the same?  I know that several of the blogs I did follow, who became friends, have quit blogging.  So many of the blogs started to look the same and I easily fell into the idea that everything needed to be "blog worthy" or "pinable," but our life isn't like that and I don't want my family to feel that it needs to be constantly put together and photo ready or that they have to craft an image that isn't authentic.  As much as I love beautiful things, pictures and moments I don't want to feel like we are creating them for the blog instead of living them in the here and now.

And while there was a time early on in this blog that I got swept up in who was reading, following, commenting, etc. I definitely have settled into the main purpose of the blog, which is documenting our days as a family.  I can't help but believe that a 40 year old Grace or Harris will enjoy reading about how their Mom worried and obsessed about bikinis, manners, room decor and favorite things!

Of course, a big bonus to this blog are the people I've "met" and the virtual friendships I've made.  So if you are still around after all these years, thank you!

I love the photos of the boys lemonade stand.  I'm sure from a professional bloggers point of view it's totally uninstagramble, unpinnable and not blog worthy, but it's real and I love it.  I restrained from making suggestions and let the boys make their stand completely on their own and how they wanted. I particularly love how they changed the price when they weren't getting enough customers.


  1. Anna, Your blog is just perfect. I look forward to checking in and seeing what you are sharing. Thank you! (My blog reading has changed over the years, I just have a few that I like to check for inspiration or commiseration!)

  2. I still adore reading about your adventures! I love that you wrote this post because I was just considering starting back up. It is true, that you begin to wonder what is "blog worthy"... but it doesn't really matter does it? As long as it is what is important to you at the time, it really doesn't matter who is reading it or what they think about what you are sharing. As the boys get older, the cute little things don't show up so often and I wonder what will I blog about, but we still have adventure and fun. So I suppose I should share just that. Thanks for reinspiring me to get back to it, as I really have missed it!

  3. I love your blog Anna! I'm so impressed and inspired that you've had it for so long! It seems to inspire such a wonderful intentionality into many of your days and I really love that. And I love these boys and this time of life with them - now you have a slice of that documented for all time.


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