Friday, July 17, 2015

Prizer Point with Family

After we left West Virginia, we headed to Kentucky to meet Bryce's parents and sisters.  We don't normally love staying in commercial campsites since they are pricey and usually have lots of amenities we don't use, but in this case it was really nice as we were there for four nights and full hookups provided us with the ability to run both air conditioners (glamping at its best)!

Our time at Prizer Point was spent playing games, playing in the water, relaxing and spending time with each other.  It was really nice.

Grace and Grandpa have matching airstream t-shirts!

We rented a pontoon boat and spent one day on the water.  

The pull behind was fun for everyone who did it, but Harris could have done it all day.

Molly, James and Jackie's dog, had her own life jacket!

There was a lovely breeze by the lake that made it perfect for sitting and relaxing with a book or a friend.

There was a giant "iceberg" in the lake that took an incredible amount of upper arm strength to climb it but both children managed it!  


  1. Oh Anna! What fun! You totally inspired me to blog about our "glamping" trip! I love so many of these shots - especially the one of Grace & Bryce on the tube and Harris jumping. Would love to see you soon and catch up and admire these pix and hear more stories. So glad you had quality time with family, so special. xo

  2. What a great family adventure! This looks divine! Seriously!! Too much fun!!


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