Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stairwell Portraits

Remember our family portraits we had done in the fall?  I finally got around to ordering some prints and having one framed for our family portrait wall.  On our stairwell wall we've got all our family portraits that we've had made since the children were born.  It's fun to see how much we've changed in the past 12 years!

Due to the original framing I used being discontinued, I have two different style of frames for the pictures but they are very close in finish and look so I think they still look cohesive.  Also, I love the "museum quality" non glare glass.  I would love to have all the glass replaced on the early years pictures with this glass, especially considering they are next to a window.  I can't believe what a difference the glass makes!

We also have a larger portrait of the children hanging in the stairwell.  Oh, those cheeks!


  1. Beautiful. Your home always looks so calm and inviting.

  2. Thanks Leah! Unfortunately, there is usually chaos right outside the picture frame!

  3. Lovely, I really like the way you arranged them, not busy just perfect!


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