Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A House

Today I'm going to tell a story that doesn't end at all the way that I thought it would.  Nor was I even sure that I wanted to share this story, but in the end I want it written down so that one day near or far when I'm perusing our stories I can say, "Oh, thank goodness that didn't work out because of x, y or z." At least I hope that's what I say...

Over a year ago, January of 2013, my friend Barbara was over and mentioned that she and her husband had looked at a house that she thought Bryce and I should look at it. We were not at all in the market to move but had recently begun talking about how much Bryce would like more land and how nice it would be to have a barn to park the Airstream in. We LOVE our current home and aren't unhappy with it at all; but there are dreams that we've always had - an acreage, outbuildings, a keeping room, a barn, some form of water on the property, mature trees, more room for in-laws or guests, etc. At first glance this property that Barbara told me about fit every one of our "wishes." So we went and looked at it and I sent the above text to my friend Gretchen right away.

The property was 15 acres, had a pond, a barn and corncrib, a forested area and the location was PERFECT for us. However, even though it had everything we wanted, much of it was just a bit off. For instance, the wooded area was all pines, the barn was hidden from view by an outbuilding, the ceilings were all very low with minimal chance of raising them. The house was a total mess and needed renovation in almost every single room...which is actually right up our ally! My dream is to find an old house with great bones that needs renovations but we weren't entirely sure that this farmhouse had great bones!  

So we decided not to pursue the house.  But I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Over the course of the year, we took our parents to see it, we took a contractor to see it and we talked about it A LOT (my thanks to Gretchen who literally listened to me for hours about this house).  I started thinking about the gardens I would plant, the chickens we would raise and the house we would renovate.  Finally, when the price dropped again, we made an offer and they accepted!  I couldn't believe it but it was really exciting and also a bit terrifying and overwhelming (this place needs so much work and love.).

And then, with 2 weeks until closing, our extensive inspections led us to find two structural problems in the foundation and asbestos throughout the house.  The sellers were unwilling to give on these issues at all (have I mentioned that this property has been for sale for 5 years?) and we were unwilling to take on the extra financial burden and uncertainty and the deal fell through. Just like that we were done with the property after a year of thinking, dreaming and considering.

Honestly, it was a win-win situation for us in that we absolutely do not have to move. We live in a great home in a great town with great neighbors. But I find myself disappointed and sad even though I know it was the right thing to do.  I also know without a doubt that it was a God thing and that we went down this path for a reason. I'm just impatient and want to know what the reason was. Also, if we are going to make that sort of lifestyle change I want to do it while the children still have lots of time with us; those 6 years Grace has left at home are starting to press in on me and I'm anxious and impatient. I'm not sure what we do now. Do we settle in and be thankful for all that we already have or do we look for something else? Or do we wait for a house/property to find us like this one did? I only wish I knew...


  1. Oh life, you never know why. Until someday you do. We had a similar experience years ago and I was heartbroken about it. I now know that it just wasn't meant to be. I know this house is where we are supposed to be. It isn't perfect either and we have not had as much time (or money) to make the changes and additions we want to it... but I know it is a house we can be happy with for a long time. I love love love having a bit of property for animals. Ezra now wants to get goats! I hope that your answers come soon. xo

  2. It is always a win-win when you find a home you love but you do not feel pressured to move; that is when the best decision is made. Looks like a great potential homestead though.


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