Monday, February 10, 2014

An Olympic Gathering

It's been well documented our love for the Olympics.  So when we had a school event to go to on Friday evening, during the opening ceremonies, we were a tad disappointed.  Instead of missing out we just recorded and watched Saturday evening.  Our friends joined us since it wouldn't be a Winter Olympics without them!

(how great is Ron's vintage sweater and Elliot's vintage hat?)

I went with a winter sports theme for the night!  I saw these adorable drink stirrers on Oh, Happy Day and just had to make them.  I went with plastic dowels, that Bryce cut in half, instead of wooden dowels, and I glued the little HO scale figures directly to the top.  They are high on the cute scale!  Everyone enjoyed picking out their sportsperson for the night.

The children drank Sprite with Olympic rings on the bottom (aka: lifesavers).

Gretchen brought an around the world cheese plate with cheese from different countries- complete with appropriate flags!

For dinner, we had Shepherd's Pie because that's all I could think of that had a "snowy" surface.  I think it turned out so cute, my favorite part being that the "snow" is groomed with a fork!   It's the details that make me happy!

We also had a salad with mini mozzarella snowballs.

For dessert, I made a downhill skiing cake that I spotted on You are My Fave.  I followed her instructions to the T and it turned out adorable.

We don't have laurel growing in the back yard but we do have ivy!  Grace made us ivy wreaths for the occasion!


  1. Adorable! I love it all...especially that cake... :)

  2. Love, love, love all the details. You are amazing!

  3. Um... you are AMAZING! Love this. I just adore the simplest details that make it special.

  4. We had so many plans to really do up the Olympic opening, but completely lost track of time and let the day slip right by. I won't let that happen again, seeing how much fun you guys are having, I know my kids would love this too!

  5. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this! YOu are seriously the best! period!


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