Monday, July 18, 2011


Kathleen and I have tried four different butterbeer recipes in the past two days, and I'm sorry to report that we still have not found "the one."

Three of the recipes we tried used cream soda as the base of the drink and three involved ice cream.   They were all good but all a little too sweet.  In my mind, the butterbeer that Harry, Ron and Hermione enjoy is not a dessert drink.

The first one we tried used a whipped cream head for the cream soda base with a little added butter extract.

Next, we tried a drink that had spices and butter mixed in with the ice cream and warm cream soda poured over the ice cream.  This one was actually very tasty but did not have much of a butter undertone at all.

We mixed butterscotch syrup with ice cream and poured cold cream soda on the ice cream.  This one just tasted like a cream soda float.

Lastly, we tried the same ice cream combination as above (cinnamon, nutmeg, butter and brown sugar) with warm apple cider.  I thought this one had the most potential but it had too much of an apple pie taste!  However, I thought it looked great!

Next time, we are going to try to make butterscotch syrup and add that to various combinations, maybe with some rum extract?  The search goes on...


  1. They look so good! and healthy...wink wink ;)

  2. Looks like tasty fun. Good luck finding the perfect combo.

  3. The Real Thing

  4. Pinterest has about 2000 different postings/recipes for Butter Beer. A lot of popped up recently for obvious reasons ;) Good Luck

  5. You are on momma...that know how to have a great time!


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