Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A bit of a broken heart

For the past 5 years Bryce and I have wondered, fretted, puzzled over, despaired and finally accepted our vinyl siding on the house.  I don't have any issues with vinyl siding in general, it has many great qualities, but I have issue with it on an older home.  Specifically, our older home.  Our house is a little over a hundred years old and it just doesn't feel right to have vinyl siding. I feel that we have made the most of it by painting the porch, adding shutters and painting the window trim. Overall,  I'm quite happy with the exterior.

However, we've always wondered exactly what was under the vinyl and why the previous owners put it on the house.  We don't have to wonder any longer.  Early in the week I received a text from Bryce accompanied by a picture that read, "I sort of hate to send this to you." The first story was clapboard siding (this we knew from the renovation) and the picture revealed that the second story was cedar shake siding.  Adorable right?  We have serious doubts that it can be saved.  Nail holes, old wood and unknown conditions around the rest of the house make the job of restoring the siding very daunting.  Oh, and there is a little thing called money!

It makes me sad that the old siding is covered up and that it might have to stay that way.  What would you want to do?


  1. ohhhh! :( It's like covering gorgeous hardwood with carpet!

  2. That Cedar Shake Siding on the second floor is great looking. If it was my house, I would have preferred not to know about it!!! Because going forward I would be focused on arguing with myself about restoring it!! Too bad that "money thing" always gets in the way!! But you have to admit, it does make your house seem more special!!

    See you soon.

  3. Wow, that is a crazy find. Maybe it could be a project for down the road? Although you would hate to rip off all the modern siding to find that the old siding would not be acceptable. Ahhhh!

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