Thursday, July 7, 2011

Block Island in pictures

As seems to be the case at the end of many vacations, our week at Block Island ended with us wistful for a little more time to do the things we thought we would get around to doing all week!  We did manage to eat doughnuts multiple times, spend long stretches on the beach, build many sandcastles and see a few sights!  Here is our week in pictures...

We went mucking in the sand, looking for crabs.

The Southeast Light

Best fish tacos I've ever had!

The Mohegan Bluffs

One of the many sandcastles!

The North Light

We had drinks on the porch of the Springhouse, the children had Shirley Temples.

There were miles and miles of these beautiful rock walls, this one was at our house!

The best doughnuts we have ever had (Payne's Killer Doughnuts!).  


  1. Wondetful pictures...such a beautiful place. I love how the weather allows you to wear cool long sleeves. We wear next to nothing on our sweltering beach trips!:)


  2. That looks like the perfect vacation...a little dreamy! I love the rock walls..and I am jealous of the light houses...I also love Grace's swimsuit!
    That is a great highlight for the summer! Much more glamorous than our business traveling! =)

  3. Beautiful pictures, what a lovely place for a family vacation! How could you not have fun?

  4. That looks like it was an amazing trip, you captured some great shots. One of the lighthouse could be a post card. Love the sunsets, ah, relaxation! Don't you just love the freedom of summer.

  5. Looks like a perfect vacation... So relaxing and beautiful!

  6. The pictures are all just beautiful. What a lovely place to family vacation. Love Grace's freckles, and the sparkler 'ring' Harris made. You all look wonderful. We're camping back near Mt. Princeton and will enjoy a rodeo the next couple of days. Summer time, ahhhhh. Marilyn and Al


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