Monday, July 19, 2010

Colored Pencils

Don't you love it when something turns out more wonderful than what you were expecting? Just such a thing happened to us over the weekend. As crazy as it sounds the happy surprise was a set of eeboo colored pencils. I gave the set to the children to use with their garden and nature journals. Since the children usually write and draw in their journals outside, I thought that it would help that the pencils have their own case.

When we opened them we were delighted to see that the rainbow of colors also have beautiful names! A few of our favorites were; bee whizzing by, troll pants, moss pillows and wipe your feet! How great are those?

I love that the company took the time to give the pencils clever and creative names. And who knows, maybe the names will inspire a young artist!

P.S. The company also makes sketch pads (we used ours here). Wouldn't the pencil and the sketch pad together make a great gift?


  1. Thanks for this great tip. I love art supplies of all kinds and love to have them available to the kids! I am super excited about these pencils...the metal case...yoo hooo...the fun! Thanks Again! =)

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