Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A bear story

A few mornings ago found Bryce in the children's garden setting up the sprinkler to water the parched plants. He looked to his left and spotted a bear cub in the tree! The bear jumped down from the tree and slowly meandered through our neighbor's yard.

I would have gone running at top speed for the house. But Bryce? He whipped out his iphone and took of picture of the bear. Which I am glad that he did because I'm fearful that no one would have believed this little story. I'm now left to ponder the question of what would have happened if my children were back in the garden by themselves?

P.S. In case you are wondering... we don't live in the woods!


  1. Oh dear. I'm so sorry to see that. I know what the implications are of course. Hope it (or they) were reported and are located.

  2. I live in town, in Massachusetts, and I run an early childhood program from my home. One day I was in the yard with 4 kids under 3 and a mama bear and her 3 cubs strolled through the yard. I got 2 kids inside; the baby was in a sling on me and the 4th kid was in the sandbox, where the bear was headed. I said "don't move!" and he didn't. I went to get him--bear a few feet behind him--leaned down to pick him up, and when I stood back up, now holding 2 kids, I must have looked threatening, because the mama growled at me. I backed away slowly and got us in the house and worked to calm down all the kids while my legs were shaking like mad!

  3. I think the rest of Baby Club better watch out! first you saw a bear and then me. Who do you think will be next?


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