Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bastille Day

We had a little fun this evening celebrating Bastille Day. We don't usually celebrate Bastille Day, but I saw this cute Eiffel Tower treat (via Edible Crafts) and just had to make it.

Making the eiffel tower from icing and sugar wafers took some patience. Their first tower fell on the second layer but they cut the pieces shorter and tried again. And even though the towers weren't picture perfect they had fun eating it (we used vanilla wafers and chocolate covered wafers)!

I adore Paris. When Bryce and I were getting married I desperately wanted to honeymoon in Paris but financially it just wasn't possible. However, in 2000 we were able to go and spend a week in Paris and it was perfect. I mean really, really perfect. It was everything I thought it would be and more. The people were nice, the city was gorgeous and the food was divine. I can't wait to take the children someday (and am envious of my sister who is going in the fall). Celebrating Bastille day ended up being a journey down memory lane as the children were interested enough to want to look through our scrapbook from our trip!

As the children and Bryce worked on the towers and the flags I read them the wonderful book, This Is Paris by Miroslave Sasek. We had fun comparing some of the pictures in the book to pictures from our trip!


  1. Very cute, love those Eiffel Towers...and the This is...books are the best, we have a few of them. San Francisco is our favorite and my mom saved mine from many years ago :)

  2. I remember when you went to Paris. That seems like yesterday but yet so far away.

    What a fun family thing to do!


  3. I want to eat that Eiffel Tower.

  4. I celebrated Bastille day this year by taking a cooking class that did french onion soup, Coq-au-vin and crepes suzette. It was fun.


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