Sunday, April 26, 2009

Arbor Day

Friday was Arbor day and we celebrated by planting a tree!  We picked out a dogwood tree because it reminds us of Atlanta.  

Our new tree!

We also read a really neat book about trees, Crinkleroot's guide to Knowing the Trees.  Marilyn brought the book to us on her last visit.  I believe she got it at a church or yard sale.  It seems to be out of print but can be found used and at libraries.  Indeed, our "new" copy is an old library copy.  It's a great introduction to different trees, vocabulary that is pertinent to trees, and why trees are important to us.  Plus, I also like exposing the children to more non-fiction.


  1. I love that you celebrate all holidays! I hope your dogwood does well. Must be hot in NJ...those shirtless workers look sweaty!


  2. That book looks amazing. I will be watching out for a copy of that one. The illustrations look pretty amazing.

  3. I was delighted to see the tree book being so used and appreciated.
    Perfect choice of a Dogwood. Great location. It will be lovely.


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