Monday, April 20, 2009

Children's Museum

Today was a cold, rainy day but we were lucky enough to see a rainbow! It was Al and Marilyn's last full day of their visit so we kept Grace home from school and took the children for a day of learning at a children's museum. We were very busy with lots of jobs to do!
We fixed cars.

We grocery shopped and worked the register.

We made music.

We made new friends.

We even drove a bus (it looks like hard work!).

Most importantly, we had fun!


  1. What fun...I am glad you allowed Al and Marilyn to have some fun after all that work!! :)


  2. Looks like fun. It would be great if you ALL came down here (after the house id done) and we could do things like that ALL TOGETHER!!

  3. p.s. you are welcome even before the house is done.


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