Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grace goes to work...

A few days ago, I asked Harris what his Daddy did all day at work and he answered, "make money."  Whereas that is true I also would like for the children to have some idea what their Dad does all day while he is away from us.

Today, Grace participated in take your child to work day.  I couldn't begin to imagine that she would fair well at the office for 9 hours but she did.  I started calling around noon to see if I should come pick her up but she stuck it out!  She seems to have done exactly what Bryce does all day, minus the meetings.  Bryce even took Grace out to lunch.

She did paperwork.

Worked (played) on the computer and drank coffee (hot chocolate).

Had a meeting, with just Dad.

P.S.  After seeing these pictures I have a strong desire to spruce up Bryce's workspace!!  The only color in his office seems to come from the paintings the children did for him!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day!! Grace seems to have adapted quite well to the environment. I think that Grace is all the "color' the Bryce's work space needs!!!

  2. Grace looks amazing. I love her hair cut. She seem like she was a perfect office employee. I really miss you guys and very happy I have this blog.

  3. Looks like Bryce had an excellent office assistant. Hope they paid her accordingly.

  4. What a fun day! Grace looks so big sitting at that desk!


  5. She looks like she fits right in. Such maturity there.


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