Monday, April 16, 2018


We have chicks!  Since well before we moved to the farm, I've been dreaming of having fresh, and pretty, eggs.  Even though I've read two books about chickens I have to say that I am going into this with lots of questions and uncertainty.  While everyone says they are easy to care for, it seems to me to be rather complicated and confusing.  However, I'm hoping that the actual keeping of them will start to make sense as we do it.

Friday afternoon we picked up our chicks and so far so good.  We are keeping them under a heat lamp in the basement where the boiler is still running because, you know, it's still winter.  Several people have told me to be sure to pick them up and handle them frequently so the children and I are trying to do that daily.  You guys, they are so cute!

(taken on one of the two warm days we've had)

Harris and Grace are naming them but only as names come to them.  So far, Harris has named one Chewbawka and Grace has named another two Ms. March and Jo March (from Little Women).

We got three different varieties and six chicks total.  We have Black Giants, Americauna and Light Brahmas.  Wish us luck!

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