Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Telluride, Colorado

Last week, we took a break from school, renovation and dreary weather for a ski trip to Telluride.  We had never been and it was such a treat.  The weather was beautiful (it may have been chilly but the sun made up for it!), snow conditions were good despite lack of snow early in the season and it was really, really good family time.

only in Colorado (ok, the southwestern states) does my hair ever look this flat!

Telluride was such a charming town.  The people were friendly, the food good and the views spectacular.

We all took a lesson the first day which really helped us all.  In fact, Harris who left skiing and took up snowboarding a few years ago, made incredible progress and just might have surpassed us all- at least in the going fast category!

I had read that Telluride was known for its steep slopes but boy were they intimidating to me!  We were told by several people that what might usually, on any other mountain, be a black was a blue at Telluride.  We skied mostly blues but Bryce and the children did do some blacks.  I, on the other hand, stuck with blues!

Our favorite lunch was at Alpino Vino, which is only accessible on See Forever run.

We stayed in Mountain Village (many thanks to a blogging friend, Leah, for all the incredible suggestions!) which was only a gondola ride away from downtown Telluride.

On one of our very last runs of the trip, Harris caught a back edge on slushy snow, wiped out and cracked his helmet!  Thank goodness the helmet did its job!

Our last full day we rented bikes, with fat tires for riding through snow, and biked the river path.  It was fun but a little dicey as it had mud and ice.  I might have fallen off of my bike a time or two...


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